Rehearsing voices (2010–2011)

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Video, live performance and publication.

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Rehearsing Voices is a long-term research project that focuses on the effects of military dictatorships and political processes (particularly in Argentina) have on second generations. Specifically in relation to the forming of individual and social identity.

Starting point for the work was a series of interviews showing the subject from different angles (e.g. children of refugees, a psychologist specialized in working with children of missing people, a clairvoyant, a scientist specialized in 'Epigenetic' and the possible changes that traumatic experiences can bring in the human DNA). These series of interviews function as the basis for a script. This script resulted in different works.

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The video work Rehearsing Voices shows young people who read these texts. The stories are fragmented and focus on the distance between the content of the text and the young people who read it. As the camera zooms in on the smallest details (eyes, hair, skin pores), the body becomes partly an abstract image. The abstracting faces of the young people refer to the (mis)formation of identity caused by traumatic experiences.

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In the case of the live performance the emphasis is put on the rehearsing element and the repetition of text and actions as a metaphor for the learning and understanding of history.

The live performance took place at the Royal Academy in The Hague and the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. The text was performed by Iva Supic Janckovich, Sarah Eweg and Catarina Aimée Dahms.

Photo documentation of the performance by Behnam Bornak.

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